She was supposed to be Blair Waldorf!


I would have prefered her anyway. “Chuck and Blair.”



~ by stardustandsequins on December 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “She was supposed to be Blair Waldorf!”

  1. I read that too. I also wish that she had been. Leighton is cute and I do like her as Blair but Taylor would have been more like the “Blair” I previously envisioned in the books. I also wish they had chosen a different Jenny. But I can say Ed Westwick was the perfect CHUCK! :D


  2. thanks for the email, may take me a while (with nye, etc!) but looking forward to replying for the feature!! :D so excited!!


  3. Perfect pair. And yea bby, your blog is as awesome as always (:
    Advance Happy new Year <3

  4. hiiiiiiiii. Thank you for all of the positive posts about me on your blog. It’s always kind of surreal when you read posts and peoples comments about yourself. I got the comment you left on my blog but I’m not really sure what you’re asking, : p. My only Internet right now is my bfs iPhone but Ill try to be as cooperative as possible. :-)

  5. nope i completely agree with who they picked for blair waldorf

  6. she looks like chuck i dont like her am clad we have the blair we have

  7. nope leighton is such a great actress and she adds a human quality to the character of blair. in the boos at times blair is very insequor and vulnerable beneath her tough exterior and i think that leighton embodies all of blair character. also i absolutely love taylor as jenny, she is such a better character than in the original books… i love them but the show is just so much better. :)

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